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Roland D Bass 210

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I have had one for 10 months or so... I'm really pleased with it so far. Very light and portable and is a one hand lift for short distances (bass on gigbag on the other hand)..., usual Roland quality (made China). Soundwise I find it a bit too hi-fi even on the vintage setting, but I use it with a Sansamp that nails the sound that I am after, also works well with a Bass Pod XT Live into the FX return. It has plenty of power and easily keeps up with 2 guitarists (one with a 2x12 Marshall and the other with a 4x12 Ashdown), and it goes low enough with my 5 string Sandberg.

I also have the 115 15' powered cab, but I do not use very often as the 210 is loud enough most of the time. The 210 + 115 together are quite a powerful rig (with the 115 set to full range), or use it the 115 set as a sub to go extra low


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