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Rodenberg GAS 707-B NG 105£
Porto - Portugal

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Hello guys, I’m selling this pedal in mint condition, without traces of use.

with original case and papers.

Rodenberg Gas 707-b ng: 105£ with Shipment












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    • By Marky Screen
      Amazing analogue bass chorus, this is the 2nd gen true bypass version.
      Internal trim pot to set FX mix level.
      External controls for rate and depth.
      Chorus, pitch Mod and Flanger modes.
      Fixed internal crossover (around 150-200Hz from what I remember ) so the bass frequencies remain unaffected.
      Velcro on the bottom.

      No collections or trades thanks.
      Due to the CV19 situation getting things posted may take a little bit longer than usual as I an only dropping of parcels when going to shop for food essentials so please be aware of that.
      No trades thanks.

    • By mrfunky
      it is time for a change! GAS...you know...so for sale is my good condition EBS Reidmar 750, extremely loud, very versatile from "EBS precision sound" to a nice "warm round character "with drive engaged (definitely not tubey as mesa walkabout, but definitely warm, warmer then markbass LM, LMTube eg.), character button, mute switch, Pre/post DI (really great!), sweepable mids,  drive button is really nice and adds nice warm flavor up to a light/mid overdrive, 700w into 4 Ohms, 350 into 8, I used it mostly with Barefaced BB2 and never ran out of steam and never really went above 11 tbh (I mean o'clock, NOT in the sense of Spinal Tap - "but my head goes to eleven!"   ) The head was always kept in a sturdy soft case and only shows small wear - I tried to show it in the pic - it is three scratches from a cable a left on top of it in the bag.., I still have original box as well as I bought it new just over a year ago, so it still in warranty definitely till the end of the year. I had no issues at all and worked great in any gig or in studio setting and selling only as I am after a different amp... Shipping to UK/Europe should be no problem even in this time claims the post office here...Shipping to UK/Europe included!

    • By lowregisterhead
      For sale are my two EBS Proline 210 cabs. They have served me very well for a long time, but the time has come to retire them, as I recently bought a new class D rig only due to my ageing back! They do show signs of wear and tear, but the carpet covering isn't torn anywhere, and they still sound fantastic.
      I just noticed that the knob is missing on one of them in the photos, but I have one to replace it with. £350 each, or £600 for both. Retail price is around £900 each. In the current climate collection isn't really an option, but I can ship them for an additional £20 per cab.
      I also have an as-new EBS HD360 30th Anniversary head for sale on here, and I can do a very special price for anyone who fancies the whole rig. Drop me a PM if interested.
      Sorry, no trades please.

    • By lowregisterhead
      For sale, my as-new EBS HD360 30th Anniversary head, bought new a few months ago, and only gigged once. It's a fabulous, versatile amp with bucketloads of power, but I decided to buy a new class D rig to appease my ageing back shortly afterwards, so it's now surplus to requirements.
      Complete in its box with unopened instructions plus the EBS 30th Anniversary hard-backed coffee table book that came with it! I've also got two EBS Proline 210 cabs for sale on here - I can do a very special price for the whole rig for anyone interested. PM me for details.
      £695 including UK shipping. Sorry, no trades please.

    • By AJ567
      I'm letting a few things go! All prices include postage. Pics to follow...
      Xotic BB Bass Preamp (modified) - £90
      Fan favourite drive/boost/preamp pedal which needs no introduction. More info here. The switch has been upgraded to a silent true bypass courtesy of Owen Electronics - the onedownside of this pedal is that it sent a huge thump through your speakers when clicking on and off, but it's now silent as a mouse! I have also swapped the knobs for white ones, which not only look better but are much easier to see on a dark stage! No box; Excellent condition.
      Bright Onion Mini Buffer - £30
      Custom ordered from Bright Onion a few months ago, now surplus to requirements. Jacks on the same side so you can tuck it under your pedalboard and save space. Preserve that hard-earned tone!
      Markbass Super Pro DI - £35
      Top quality straightforward passive DI. Can accept speaker level signals, so you can run it between the head and cab if you want to capture your head's sound out front. More info here. Comes with orginal manul... not that you need it! No box, otherwise great condition. 
      Gigrig Supa-nova - £35
      Turns a 9V daisy chain outlet into an isolated 12V supply! So it's basically magic. 600ma capacity. More info here.
      Markbass Compressore - £95
      Probably the best tube compressor out there. Check out ovnilab's glowing review here. No box or power adapter I'm afraid, otherwise great condition. Needs 12V @ 500ma; can be powered with the Gigrig Supanova I have listed below. 
      SFX Micro Thumpinator - £80
      If you read bass forums, then you know that you need one. Here's your chance. More info here. No box, great condition.
      Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail - £100
      Category killer analog delay. Like a carbon copy, but better. More info here. Boxed in mint condition.
      3Leaf Doom - £155
      Synthiest fuzz around. Rare and unique sounding pedal, there's nothing else on the market that will get you quite the same awesome Moog vibe. Check out some sound samples here. Excellent condition, with original box.
      EBS Bass IQ - £75
      Greasy as hell! Awesome for chewy, vintage synth sounds, can also get seriously quacky if that's your thing. Pretty good demo here. Good condition, with original box. NB this is the newer 'black label' version with true bypass. 
      Gigrig El Paso - £35
      Like the above, but turns 9V into isolated 15V centre-positive! 400ma capacity. More info here.
      Diago Powerstation - £35
      Tiny, top quality power supply with 3,000mA capacity. Fits under a Pedaltrain Nano. Dead quiet. Ideal for use with the Gigrig adapters I have listed below. No daisy chain included I'm afraid but those aren't hard to find!
      Peavey HB2 Headphone Amp - £30
      Very handy pedalboard-friendly headphone amp. Ideal for practice and wired IEM purposes (especially because it has a limiter function like high-end IEM transmitters, so any mic drops/sound man snafus don't blow your eardrums). More info here. Needs 15V centre-positive; I can include a suotable power supply for £5 extra.

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