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Jonny Walker

Matrix XT2000 2u rack power amp + 4u SKB case

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Used but in great condition and was serviced last year with no faults. I've used this power amp in my guitar rig for 3 years and it has never let me down. Huge power, Matrix build quality and it comes with an SKB rack case.


The XT2000 outputs 1000 watts of great sounding class AB sound per channel from its 7.5 kg chassis.

Often used for high powered compression driver arrays on large systems, kick bins, large top boxes requiring up to 1000 watts at 4 ohm and the bottom end of sub / satellite systems where the subs require 1000 watts at 4ohms, each.


Can also be used with;

high powered compression driver arrays on large systems

kick bins

large top boxes requiring up to 1000 watts at 4 ohm

pairs of subs requiring 1000 watts each at 4 ohm.

The switched mode power supply ensures that plenty of power is available for the output stage to faithfully reproduce every transient in your original source material.

The dual speed temperature controlled 80mm long-life fan draws air through the front, exhausting heat from the rear of the rack.

The amplifier has fully balanced Neutrik XLR inputs, Neutrik Speakon® NL4 output sockets and is connected to the mains by a fused 20A Powercon inlet.

If you require a little more power in the 2u format please have a look at the XT2000's larger brother, the XT3000MF, likewise if the XT2000 is a little too powerful for your needs then please have a look at the XT1000.

Number of channels:2
Height (RU):2U
Watts (rms) per channel, 8R:600
Watts (rms) per channel, 4R:1000
Watts (rms) Bridge Mode, 8R:2000
Average Supply Current, Full load:10A
Mains Connector:20A POWERCON
Frequency Response (±3dB ref 1kHz):8Hz – 24kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref full power, 1kHz):99dB
THD (20Hz - 20kHz, full power):0.07%
Slew Rate:65V/μs
Damping Factor (ref. 8R, 100Hz):>500
Cooling (Temperature Controlled Dual Speed Fan):1x 80mm Fan
Cooling Direction:Front to Back
Dimensions, mm:482 wide x 88 high x 210 deep

Gain: 37.2dB

Sensitivity: .950V RMS for full output.





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Hi Jonny,

I'm very interested in this Amp, been on the lookout for one second hand as I want to give Matrix a try!

Is it still for sale? If it is, where abouts are you located?


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      - Barefaced Super Compact 1x12" cab (Grey cloth front) - £525 SOLD
      - Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 - £ 350 325
      About 18months old, comes with Markbass padded bag (with front and rear flaps for easy set up) and power supply.
      Awesome sounding amp with a great blend (solid-state/tube) feature and the signature VLE & VPF filters. In very good condition, recently serviced, just has a few scuffs around the corners.
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    • By SamSE15
      Hello - 
      Due to an imminent move, I've some gear for sale.
      Trace Elliot 1248h (4x12, 800W at 8ohms) bass cab
      - Metal grille
      - Adjustable tweeter
      - Carpet covered
      - The carpet and grille show signs of having been bashed around, but it's in full working order 
      - New speakers were fitted by Vachon audio (Leeds) about 5 years ago, I believe these were Celestions
      - New rubber feet added about 3 years ago. The cab has mostly been in storage ever since.
      - This is big and heavy -- in every sense of the word!
      Peavey Mark VI (XP Series) bass amp
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      - This has been my back-up head, and hardly used for the last ~5 years, but I've just checked and full working order.
      The cab is, I think the main event here, and one sold recently on this site for £200. I'm adding the amp for £20, but if you'd like just the cab for £200, that'd be fine with me.  I'm offering them both for £200! £180!
      Due to the weight, this will need to be collected. I Iive in South London (Peckham).
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    • By bassplayer76
      Amp Portabass rig,  All made in USA.   Very good quality 250 watt amp and 15" Speaker Cab (4 Ohms).  Well used but functions perfectly and very portable as the name suggests.
      The amp weighs 6.5 Kilos and the Cab Weighs 12 Kilos.  
      Don't want to separate these at the moment and not looking for any trades.
      Thanks for looking

    • By Woodinblack
      Phil Jones Bass Cub - BG100 in great condition, ie, pretty well as new. Complete with case, strap (unused), lead, bag, documentation etc.
      Got this earlier in the year at a bass bash but have just used it for practice since. I have now got a bose battery PA which I am using for the same thing so this is sitting not being used.
      Its a great thing for playing at home or in quieter or acoustic gigs, or round a friends house, but it won't keep up with an enthusiastic drummer obviously. Its 100 watts.
      Would rather not post it because I am terribly lazy, but if needs must I will do! Happy to drive it anywhere 50 miles of yeovil, or to meet somewhere.
      Sexy reclining on a chair pose:

      Full Frontal - note the little spring loaded leg at the front.

      Stripping down to show off a fine pair of 5 inchers..

      Taunting from within the bag

      A nice shot of the rear end - note the white patches are glare rather than dirt or dust.

      Full on control panel. 2 types of input for Mic / Bass, inc a combined XLR / Jack on the guitar side and a switch for lower level.
      Level / Bass / mid / treble for both channels, a limiter with level, an ipod style input (lead included), headphone and master volume.

    • By dave_bass5
      I got the above amp from Thomann’s in Jan this year. Ive used it for half a dozen rehearsals but no gigs. I still prefer my GK MB800, but got my eye on something else as well. 
      As with all my gear condition is as expected, as in nothing to complain about, and Ive never had any issues with it. 
      I still have the box etc, and I’ll throw in a TC Electronic amp bag that I got a few months ago (cost £55), and a 3rd party 3 way footswitch that works perfectly to turn each tone print on and off, and mute the head.
      Collection from EC1 or SE1 only at this stage, as I prefer not to post these things. Pic will be added over the next day or so.

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