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jack collier bass

Fender precision MIJ 1984

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Selling my 84 precison. This is an incredible bass. Feels and sound lovely. Selling because it just doesn't get used as I've just got a Pino. 

Please feel free to message for more info 







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    • By dave84
      One of most beautiful post punk revival bassline of 2000's played with my Fender Precision American Performer...enojoy!
    • By Kinder
      My sale fell through (the courier lost the bass, long story but I got it back) so it's back up for sale at £925.
      I bought this new 7 years ago and it was my main gigging bass until I moved to a Jazz. It’s been my backup since then so I’ve decided to sell with a heavy heart.
      It’s set up with flats and plays beautifully, the neck really is lovely. Comes with the moulded Fender case but I don’t have the case candy I’m afraid.
      I put straplocks on but don’t have the originals, so I’ll throw in the Comfort strap.
      It’s in perfect condition apart from a bit of scuffing on the G string tuning peg from where it wore through my gig bag. I've tried to show this in the photos.
      If you want to come and try it you’d be very welcome – I can set up my rig in the garage so we can keep our distance. After my recent experience I won't courier if, but I would be happy to deliver it up to 100 miles or meet the buyer.  I'm not trusting a courier with this.
      No trades thanks. I’ve bought loads of stuff from here over the years but haven’t bothered getting much feedback. I could ask some sellers for feedback if anyone wants reassurance.
      Edit: this weighs 9.4lb or 4.3kg. And string spacing at the bridge is 18-19mm.

    • By dave84
      Another great classic of rock this time played with my Fender Precision American Performer reinterpreting the original bass line a bit, enjoy!     https://youtu.be/ECxaAAqgDZo
    • By dave84
      Here you will find a complete sound test of the Fender Precision American Performer for those who want to hear all the nuances of the passive American Precision PJ .. I hope it will be useful especially to those who were considering the purchase of this bass! 😉 https://youtu.be/eNECPg6ztdg
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