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MTD Kingston AG5

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Hi All

Without doubt the best bass I have ever owned. Seriously well made and sounds massive. Powerful EQ can cover pretty much all basses (see what i did there..)

35 inch scale, Maple burl top, purpleheart fingerboard, 24 frets asymmetric neck carve, Bartolinis and a satin finish. Its about as close as you can get to a 535-24 without blowing £4k!


The eagle eyed among you may notice I sold this bass before. The story is the electronics got damaged during shipping somehow. It was a long and emotional story which was resolved perfectly amicably but has put me off shipping expensive guitars somewhat.... All the electronics have been restored to stock, cleaned and re-soldered, by a professional (not me).. It is in 100% condition again 

For that reason shipping around the world  is not high up my wish list.... can be arranged but by the purchaser and insured by you too and at your own risk. Pick up and play before you pay in Dorset much prefered :)

I've gigged it a lot over the last year, its been my only bass, It has a few marks and some of the satin-ness is becoming more shiny here and there but no big dings or chunks missing

Complete with plush MTD gigbag. I Will include the fretwrap to sweeten the deal!

Thanks for looking









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Open to trades with cabs of the 2x10, 2x12, 1x15 persuasion ,4 or 8 ohms and ideally of lower value


TK :)

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Tim for a Bump

If you were wondering... this bass IS good for metal!

Also weight is: 4kgs so just a shade under 9lbs

That will be all...thank you kindly


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