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Tom the Gent


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About 6 or so years ago I thought I'd try and relive my heady high school years learning to play the cello in my lunch hours, but in a much cooler fashion, so I spent two years paying off an electric upright double bass. Its an Aria SWB I picked up from Millers in Cambridge.

This was all based on the assumption that I could remember how to play.

Turns out I couldn't.

Its been dormant at home, well stored, for a stupid amount of time so it's probably best to try and move it on.

Its only ever been "played" at home - it's certainly never been on the gig circuit so is in grand condition.

The battery connection/wires had snapped - this has been repaired by Millers recently.

The bass cost £800 new. I'd be looking for around £500 but am open to any offers. The bass comes with a soft case and I have a bow I can throw into the mix.

I'm based in London and more than happy for people to come look at it. Bass is currently at my girlfriends in Tooting, but can also arrange viewings in Kings Cross (work) and Walthamstow (home).

Photos: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157655066530590/

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I couldn't tell from the pictures and description. Does this come with a gig bag and do you have the end pin for the bass?

Will PM you.

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