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  1. Hey Guys, a mate of mine's partner has asked him for a Ukulele for Chrimbo, budget c.£60. Do you chaps have any recommendations for a beginners instrument that might help a big cat out?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I bought my Eden 210 from Tremblap a while back and he's a lovely guy, lets you play his delicious custom bass and also has an excellent line in patter. Make sure you ring him to find out where his house is though!

  3. [quote name='MarkusWarwick' post='849932' date='May 27 2010, 11:13 PM']any chance ud consider a trade for a 2008 US Fender Jazz (Maple Neck/Fretboard) with S-1 switch?

    im very intersted in this bass![/quote]

    It's would certainly be a fair trade I think, but I need to get myself a new acoustic guitar so I'm only interested in cash sales I'm afraid, thank you for the offer though.

  4. Mr Cougar needs a new acoustic guitar, hence I'm selling this, it was bought for £500, I'll sell it for £500, plus whatever it costs in delivery. You can see what I thought of it in the review thread here (with piccies):


    It's got a small scratch on it which I couldn't photograph properly, but I'll have another go. I'm in Manchester most of the time, sometimes in Scunthorpe PM me if you are interested. I've dealt with a few people on here before.

    Comes with a hard case.

    Sorry, but I don't have paypal.

  5. I have Dave Hall's VT2 Dual Bass (mine is the rackmount, but he does a pedal too) and it's the balls. Not very technical description I appreciate, but I think 'the balls' should convey my feelings about it.

  6. [quote name='richardd' post='432687' date='Mar 12 2009, 06:03 PM']Now for sale my, Fender Custom shop 64 relic jazz.... no trades i'm afraid unless a Sadowsky NYC 4string,[/quote]

    Rich why do you do it to yourself mate? You've already had a perfectly good Closet Classic Jazz and a great Sado NYC which now sits in [i]my[/i] bass grotto.

    However, I can recommend Rich to any buyer, he provides lovely tea and chit chat and has a very understanding family!

  7. Having been a member of this since the begining and before that Bassworld and that weird limbo thing we had for a while inbetween I'd say that the forum is better than ever. On one of the other forums I use where I am a mod we get commission from Amazon for any books bought through a link on the site which generates enough cash.

    I'd be loath to see this site turn too commercial or into a pay site with premium content as it has always been a collection of friendly enthusiasts (with some w***ers) discussing stuff, buying, trading,selling, GASing and generally being sad obsessives.

    Which I love.

  8. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='317046' date='Oct 28 2008, 08:23 PM'][/quote]

    **Ring Ring**

    "Hello...WoT it's for you, it's 2003 on the phone, it wants it's memes back", what next; "All your bass are belong to us?"

    I'd agree though I don't think original Fender hardware is garbage at all.

    Anywho, what a bass, IMNSHO the definite fantasy bass.

  9. You know what gets on my tits about Spectors (well the Euro LX ones) on the natural finish headstocks the serial is just printed on with really crappy ink, you can't even tell the second letter is supposed to be a B on mine and I've seen it on loads of others too.

  10. Honestly, I think it's at the top end of the price range for these so it might be a bit pricey, but it's more to do with the fact that not many people can afford the cost, especially at the moment. You have to remember it's a pretty niche bass not everyone is going to want it.

    Also you'll find there is a deal of scepticism about people who only turn up to sell stuff, which is how this looks.

    In my honest assessment apart from the fact that pre-EBs look cool they aren't really any better than an early 90s one, I may get pillioried for this but if you check my sig you'll see I have both myself so do have some idea what I'm on about.

  11. I'll just add, I once spent a day some time ago having my 2 Musicmans set up by Jim in Ripon and he is just the nicest most enthusiastic guy you could ever meet, his prices are reasonable. I discussed via email some rather heavy modding I was for a time considering doing on a Warwick and Jim was very enthusiastic and patient with my totally n00b questions.

    Just to weigh in on woods, to say on one hand its a question of physics and then on the other to dismiss the effects of woods and other elements of construction is totally bogus. I'd say (putting an arbitrary figure on it) that 90% of the sound of the bass is the leccy alone, the remaining 10% is a complex tonal picture made up by the woods and construction technciques.

    The point here is that most of the guys on here have played so many basses, are so obsesive about elements of their sound that no one elese would notice, that it sounds like a world of difference to have a maple vs a rosewood, or a wenge piece in the body or some-such. I've played two musicman basses identecal except for the necks (maple vs rosewood) and one would either have to be deaf or dogmatically stupid to try to argue there wasn't the most subtle difference in sound. This [i]is[/i] physics, diferent materials produce different characteristics.

  12. Alright guys; this big cat is getting hitched on Easter Sunday next year and I need to find a decent Irish band in Lancashire (I'm getting married near Wigan) can anyone recommend anyone good.

    I've been online and some of the bands I've heard are absolute pap, bad timing, can't sing etc. Our lass thinks this doesn't matter; I wholeheartedly disagree.

    Someone on here must know someone, I want upbeat, not a duo, prefereably guitar, bass, fiddle, whistle etc, energetic, need to play for about 1 -1.5 hours and get the crowd going.


  13. Crikey if you (or anyone else for that matter of fact) ever decided to get rid of that Cutlass 1 I'd crawl over broken glass to get it! I missed out on getting one a few years ago (actually it might have been another one you sold at the Bass centre if memory serves??? I'm getting old) decided to get my Gibson instead and I've always regretted not snaffling both!

  14. If you take a look around you'll find that the market for Stingrays is at an all time low. I just sold a special edition buttercream for £650 and a cursory search of the FS thread will show you that they aren't shifting for more than that.

    It's an amazing situation when you consider that I bought my first one second hand for £650 in 1996 when it was c.2 years old, if you came to sell a similar good condition 2006 black on black with rosewood 3 band today i doubt you'd get more than £650.

    If you want to maximise your return they still seem to be shifting for a fraction more on ebay, but it's a risk that you won't get a sale I guess.

  15. [quote name='BassManKev' post='296028' date='Sep 30 2008, 11:15 PM']it doesnt exist without pics :)[/quote]

    If you check the original post about this bass from a few days ago there are pics, it looks kosher to me, nicely mojo'd it's a real tempter; buy vintage bass, visit the beach have one of the famous Cleethorpes fish suppers, perhaps a donkey ride or two...

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