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  1. I bought a second bass (finally have two now) and Andy was a total gentleman after I got furloughed - he let me break payments up and I can’t thank him enough for his patience. 

    Genuinely felt like I met an old mate. First pint’s on me fella! 

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  2. Hello.

    My name is Lee Andrews, I’m a bass player. A major project has the brakes on it, so for the right band I’ll travel. In the NE of England, I pretty much run Billy Sheehan’s set up for live use. I work full time with varied shifts but as I say, I’ll move around for the right reasons. I’ll post a clip to give an idea.

    Thank you - 


  3. 5 hours ago, Greg Edwards69 said:

    The esteemed Mssr Billy Sheehan for me. Not only does he do crazy things with the bass, but his choice of string gauge is perfect on my Attitude bass. 0.043 on the top to allow easier bends, and .110 on the bottom so it remains solid when flicking the d-tuner down to low E.

    Spot on - same here. 

  4. I would have to say Billy Sheehan. He got me into Rotosound’s, I use BS66 and have done for years and years. They’re perfect. I’m an aggressive player and the feel is exact, there’s a flow to them plus the 110 feels stable, anything less is a little too loose for me. As far as taking bass strings to the extreme for bending notes up or down with neck bends, he’s the best example. No blurriness with notes either during rapid sections, all decipherable, all heard clearly and I understand this is the sum of all parts - but the thing that starts all of this music, the first point of contact, are the strings. Brilliant, trustworthy product. 

  5. Hello - apologies to all moderators on here. 


    I’ve a Pearce for sale. It’s exceptional, it’s a crying shame it isn’t taken out to use live inccesantly. 

    Channel 1 boost switch is broke - it was my setting so I didn’t fix this. I have it for sale for around 340, there’s a rack case and tuner up for grabs too so I’m up for negotiation. 


    Give us a nod bass people,








  6. Ah cheers mate!

    Now I’ve got my head around it, it’s very close. I’m still tinkering, to the point I do my own head in so I come back to it with more patience.. I gigged once but that was a risk, this weekend I’m feeding both inputs into it, the unit compresses very well too.

  7. I may move my Pearce on as I was reluctant to keep taking it out to gigs as I have a Helix - so I’m putting feelers out. It’s the unmodded version I should say. Exceptional preamp!




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