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  1. On 12/04/2021 at 10:42, ped said:

    Thanks, yes I had a look inside - two big PCBs stacked together covered with bits and bobs!

    I like the sound of the filter side, but as it sounds like a band pass (which I prefer for the quack) it needs dry below it too. The octave/synth side is great actually, and works fine currently. I've never been a huge fan of octaves but this one sounds really musical and the synth/fuzz that you can add in gives it a bit of a unique bite.

    I've downloaded your C4 patches and will give those a try later!

    The Octave down is an OC2 circuit, id you go fully wet you can easily get the OC2 subby synth sound. The 5 knob version I have has far less control. It makes some great sounds, but it's a less versatile that your expanded unit. I have a particular sound that I'm very fond of, which I keep dialled in. It's a little bit of blend, octave up full and Octave down on full. Very synthy. The octave up has a nasally distortion applied, which I really like. It's not applied to the Octave down. My SA C4 patch approximates that particular sound and the dirt is only applied on the Octave up too. It's not exact but it's pretty close. 

    Congraz on getting your pedal / panel back. How do you find the filter without the octaves? On my model, the filter doesn't sound great on it's own. I'm sure it's only intended to be used in conjunction with either of the two octavers.    

  2. It's a sweet looking pedal for sure. Your version is very much expanded than the version I bought back in 2014. You have a VU meter, an Octave side input gain. Very useful as the octave easily gets overwhelmed and distorts...which also adds an interesting sound. I'm not sure on the Synth frequency, however it's certainly got an EQ going on. The right side / filter is very much expanded. My version has only 2 knobs and they really control the quack and input. So it's nice to see that side far more expanded. The filter on my pedal is much simpler and pretty much controls how much of the "one sound" you get. Where as the demos of this version are way more versatile. In fact, I think this expanded version is a lot more versatile than my 2014 version. 

    It's a very pretty looking pedal...or in this case it's more of a panel. Have you ever looked inside these things? There's a LOT of components and circuits. 

    Good luck with your repairs, it's a fine unit and worth every penny.  

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  3. A slight tweak to the above patch, nudge the Drive to  28 and the Clean 68 to get the drive sounding similar. I've also analysed the two sounds (C4 patch and my Meridian Funkulator) and I've created an EQ patch for the EQ2 for this sound. So that sits after the C4 patch. To my ears it's sounding pretty close. It's jus the slight difference in the drive model that's less smooth sounding on the Octave up. everything else sounds spot on to my ears. my EQ2 patch is called GMC Funkulator EQ by Gazzajagman  

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  4. I've just uploaded my take on the Meridian Funkulator, it's as close as I can get my C4 to sound like one. It's called GMC Meridian Funkulator by Gazzajagman on the Cloud. Use the mix knob for the wet / dry signal. Use the Control 1 for the  -1 Oct (OC-2 sound) and Control 2 for the +1 (octron octave up). Then use the expression to bring in the quacky filter. It's not quite as smooth sounding as the real thing, but it's certainly in the ball park. To my ears, the distortion engine for the Octave up needs to be a Tube Screamer, which isn't available on the C4. All the other parts sound pretty accurate in isolation, except the octave up isn't quite right. I could use my Aftershock in the C4's loop, but that's going to get complicated with the cloud patching. 

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  5. Here's my current pedalboard. I need to update my "under croft" image...it's a bit neater down there since this shot. The Mastotron isn't plumbed in anymore, since getting the SA Ultrawave, I can get similar sounds. Maybe next month, I'll be sliding in a SA Spectrum in there, although I'm still getting a lot of filter use out of my C4.But it'll be nice to be able to add an additional filter anywhere in my chain as well as the C4 options. I'd love to cram in a Deep Impact in there somewhere...but it's pretty maxxed out space wise.  




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  6. I have a slightly older unit, bought in the big custom graphics group purchase over on TB some years back...2014!!!. Mine has only 5 knobs and no fancy VU meter. Seen here, bottom left. The pedalboard flow runs input into the Boss tuner, left to right on the bottom row. Then Out of the MXR bass Overdrive into the Markbass MB7 and again, left to right on the top row, out putting after the Zoom MS-70 CDR. For me, the Meridian Funkulator worked best with a buffered EQ in front of it. In my case it was an MXR Bass Preamp with the internal switch set to buffered bypass. Feed it something like this on the input and a lot of the gremlins go away. The Octave Down is pretty much and OC-2 clone. The filter isn't anything amazing, but the sweet sound (IMHO) is the octave up. Very synth, very nice sounding. The Filter just adds to that great sound. Put it all together and it's a very sweet sounding one trick pony. I'd love to be able to mimic this great sound on my current board / SA C4.  It looks like the newer unit is much more functional and tweakable...lots of great sounds in there for sure. I hope your new mods have fixed it for you.


    September 22, 2014 - 001.jpg

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  7. I've been a growing Source Audio fan boy for some years now. I've been rocking a SA Aftershock for about three years now and it's my most used and versatile dirt box. Recently, I've bought a SA Ultrawave and between the two...I really have no need for any other dirt boxes. My Barbershop, Wampler Tripplewreck, Dam Ezekiel, Titan II, Mastotron / Mammoth, Wampler Ecstasy, Timmy, Son of Clay Jones...all gone and replaced with these two pedals...who'd have thought that Digital Dirt could be THIS good and THIS versatile! 

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