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  1. [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1509440671' post='3398840']
    To those who think me complimenting this young ladies appearance is any way a negative thing, you guys need to get out from behind your keyboards and spend some time in the real world and spend time interacting with real people in real life scenarios. Maybe then you will have a more balanced and realistic outlook on life as well as how and when offence is meant and caused.
    [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1509441373' post='3398847']

    [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]lets also be honest, if a video of tom hardy playing guitar was posted amongst a mostly female audience base, do you think they would instantly compliment his guitar playing? would they f***[/font]

    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]OP, you haven't done anything wrong, we live in a world were people are so quick to find offence in everything on other peoples behalf you are not allowed to have an opinion.[/font][/size]

    this holier-than-thou attitude gets my goat, you cant make a nice comment without someone jumping down your throat

    liked the playing, guitar and lady/woman/girl (bases covered)

    OP you were not in the wrong here

  2. I've been impressed with my ashdown gear ever since i bought the mag 300 2x10 combo. moved up to a mag 300 head and 4x10 cab then the head got sick and would drop sound when playing live (must get it to a tech to have a look at as it would make a great back up) so bought an RM 800 and that is awesome, you'd never know it was class D other than its size. Definate fan boy cant see myself using anything else to be honest.

  3. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1506406982' post='3378427']
    Also is the 19mm string spacing on the BTB 5s a bit wider than typical for basses or is it in line with "standard" and it's actually the 16.5mm on the SR 5s that is more closely spaced than the norm?

    i'm a bit late to the party here not been on for a while

    the 19mm spacing is what ibanez use on their 4 string basses and on the SRs go down to a 16.5mm spacing, probably to keep the neck small and fast where as they have stuck with the wider spacing on the 5 string BTBs.
    the spacing on my SR1805 was what i found hardest to get used to after my SR500 but its pretty much there now and the 500 doesnt really come out of the gig bag now.
    and like youve all said the premiums are insane value for money.

  4. cant comment on the black speaker versions but the blue ones (still made in china not uk though) are excellent, loud poky punchy but bloody heavy i'd also like another one.
    well worth the money as ive been using mine for years with no issues at all. only down side is the cheap plastic corners dont last and you need to replace them with metal ones but thats a minor thing the important part is they sound great.

  5. if i thought making do was enough then i wouldnt do it at all. but i'm not bereft of mistakes but as you say thats not the point of this one. we had a gig at a wedding at the weekend, hot sweaty venue we gave it our all and the audience reciprocated. and i hope it comes across at every gig we do. yeah some bum notes but great reaction from all at the end, job done.

  6. something like this

    the affinity range are suprising good for the money, i have a jazz at home that i bought for my daughter but have gigged it myself and was very impressed

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