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Ishibashi Music is going to sell musical instruments to oversea again


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im so glad i got my white (maple) 75ri like a week before they stopped selling new stuff abroad. Although about a year ago i was enquring about a number of basses in the u-box and they all seemed to have warped necks, humidity or reluctance to ship i dont know!

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[quote name='Johnston' post='917963' date='Aug 7 2010, 01:53 PM'][color="#FF0000"][size=7]NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO[/size][/color]

The last time I went on the site I browsed for hours safe in the Knowledge I wouldn't be able to get any.
This is just bad very bad .



Oh, yowser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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I've just enjoyed a brilliant half an hour looking at the basses on the site. The translations are hillarious!!! I think its google attempting to work out the intricacies of the specs on these instruments. I particulary enjoyed this one:

It is a reissue of the jazz base of the type for 62 years.
A beautiful condition is comparatively kept though there are top slightly minute [u**] of the body and a detailed abrasion. In backing, there are a dent wound shallow like 15mmx6mm and minute little [u**]. It doesn't stand out in not deep damage that reaches wood both of these but the long-sight. The whole content is not told easily in the image. The dirt that soaks into long and slender [u**] and the painting of about 10mm is seen in the part where the side that came to set up the base downward put out Japanese parsleys most. There are playing wounds in the pick guard and the reception desk picking up. Luster is kept though a small macula by rust has been slightly generated in the plating of the control plate. The condition of the problem is excellent. Fred's decrease is hardly seen. [Gentaka] by 12 Fred is about 1.9mm on four bowstring side, and about 1.6mm on one bowstring side. Some wounds and use [**] are excellent overall including the performance conditions though it is. B + near A. The serial number is O025016. Crafted In Japan is printed. It is made of 1997-2000 years.
Accessory: Manufacturer pure software case

'Pure software case, Japanese parsleys most.' Actually pretty much the whole description in quotable!!!

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[quote name='Jam' post='918479' date='Aug 8 2010, 01:20 AM']I bought a bass from Ishibashi when I lived in Japan, excellent service.

If anyone has any questions or things that they fancy translating PM me, am a Japanese speaker/freelance translator.[/quote]

Oh I'd hate it of a real English speaker translated their descriptions accurately. Take half the fun out of it.

The u-box sales people speak English pretty well (some better than others) so if you fancy something just drop them an email.

Maybe they will allow new sales too if the Japanese economy continues to flounder ...

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