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Basschat interview with Lee Sklar

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I subscribed to LS's Facebook page a while back,
Pretty interesting stuff all round on a regular basis.
Everything from Bass to his love of bikes.
Top guy and very humble.
If you fancy it, link here.


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I have just read a Neil Young book called Shakey, basically Neil`s life story. Damm good read by the way but back on topic.

In the book, Graham Nash recounts this story regarding Mr Sklar....

[i]Wanna know why Lee Sklar wouldn`t work with us (Crosby, Stills and Nash)? Because Stephen (Stills) who fancies himself as a bass player, would go up, take the bass from out of his hands and say "NO,NO, play it like this!"[/i]

[i]Leland can play rings around anything that Stephen can`t even do on the f***ing guitar![/i]

So there you go.

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I love Leland Sklar.
I love his playing, I love his attitude, I love his Facebook page, sh*t... I even love his dogs.

He has been a large influence in me wanting to play bass and has many qualities about his playing that I would love to attain.

Great interview.

Any chance of getting one with Chuck Rainey before it's too late.

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