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VOTE NOW!!! Barefaced Bassface 2009 shortlist

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At long last, the shortlist for Barefaced Bassface 2010 has been chosen, the lucky thirteen are revealed!

Please cast your votes. Voting will close when a winner appears obvious. If no winner appears obvious then we'll do that alternative vote thing so y'all can get some practice in before the next election. In the event of a tie we'll go to the tie-breaker questions.

(I hope this has worked, I've never done a poll before...)

1 Token pick player with Sterling... (sunburst finish)
2 ...and another one! (natural finish)
3 Rock god - or from the dark side? (vocalist's mic intruding on left)
4 I could do this in my sleep... (fanned-fret Dingwall)
5 Am I really this awesome? Yes, so I shall slap. (black shirt, white tie)
6 House of pain? (dark t-shirt, paler trousers, Trace Elliot at back)
7 Blessed (double) bass (double bass!)
8 Welcome to the '80s jungle (headbandy thing, white strap)
9 Dude, I forgot my dentures (black Fender, singing?)
10 Strawberryblondefro... (upside down fretting hand!)
11 Attack position! (Chasing Safety? StingRay)
12 Hat? Check. D&G glasses? Check. Bassface? Check. (Streamer SII)
13 Cave bass. (5-string StingRay, Trace V4 on Eden)

(Statistically it appears: Musicman Bass = Increased Bassface)

Is that clear enough Mr Foxen?

Tip for the next Bassface competition - it's not Basshair or Bassback - it's bassFACE! :)

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[quote name='alexclaber' post='853340' date='Jun 1 2010, 09:59 AM']Presumably if I post here more people will see this thread. With almost 10,000 members on basschat does the winner require a majority? :)[/quote]

I don't think it has as much through traffic as the other parts of the site, it is pretty nerdy in this section. Maybe a sticky elsewhere?

Also, since a certain someone has lost the lead, and with it my chances of having a go on the cab as compensation for having to see that face most days.

From the original competition thread:
[quote]Mrs Barefaced has brought up the important point that a true bassface has to be sustained pout/grimace/grin, not merely a passing snapshot a la Heat's 'look how ugly/fat/chavvy celeb x looks today' photos.[/quote]

So please consider the video posted in the original thread.

Edited by Mr. Foxen
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[quote name='velvetkevorkian' post='857734' date='Jun 4 2010, 09:56 PM']Can it be posted in the "Site News" section so it appears at the top of the main page (i.e. where it currently shows "Basschat.co.uk latest news: I won an award... Jazz Journalist Of The Year.")?[/quote]

I think thats reasonable, I'll do it now :)

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[quote name='alexclaber' post='851409' date='May 29 2010, 08:02 PM']5 Am I really this awesome? Yes, so I shall slap. (black shirt, white tie)[/quote]

This is the face I pull when I actually play something right. So gets my vote.

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It could take only 6 more votes to find a winner! On the other hand it could take 445 but that's the absolute worse case scenario... The maths suggests that if things carry on as they have so far then once we've had 27 more votes there will be an official Barefaced Bassface 2009 and a prize on its way!

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