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[quote name='Phaedrus' post='684578' date='Dec 14 2009, 09:52 PM']No such thing as a light power amp . . . :)

Our PA rack is heavy - 1 x JBL MPA750 (25kg), 2 x Yamaha P5000S (12kg each), plus some other lighter units, but suffice it to say that at nearly 60kg, it's [b]HEAVY[/b].

12kg is probly as light as power amps go, and the P5000S that we use is a great amp - never gets hot & dead reliable. Check one out.

Class-D power amps are usually lighter than that. The Powersoft ones are ~7.5kg, are highly renowned and carry a hefty price tag to match (£1000+). Thomann do some T.Amp series Class-D amps at around the £400-500 mark which are a little heavier (~9.5kg) are much deeper than any rack case I've seen (50cm deep!) and are of unknown (to me) quality. The T.Amp stuff I have used has been fine, but, being such a new technology, I'd think there'd be a significantly higher price to pay for the cost-cutting in terms of sound quality on the Class-D ones. There's also plenty of no-name brands which you can find on eBay, however, they're generally worth being wary of. They tend to be aimed at the DJ market and hence can get away with stating their power in PMPO (which is an arbitrary unit, basically made up by each manufacturer to make their gear sound more powerful than it actually is) rather than RMS. I have a general rule that if it isn't advertised in RMS, it's best to avoid it and the manufacturer.

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[quote name='warwickhunt' post='684807' date='Dec 15 2009, 07:04 AM']Didn't someone post saying that they thought the Tecamp was powered by a modified 'Powersoft' unit?[/quote]
Yeah, they have a Powersoft amplifier module in them...

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