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Rickenbacker-style basses


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When digging through my archive in search of [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=5525&st=500"]Wonderful & Weird[/url] and [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57672&st=0&gopid=575067&#entry575067"]Familiar Style[/url] basses I came across a fair amount of Rick-style basses. I'm personally no fan of them (but one day?) but I know quite a lot of BC'rs are fond of them. Feel free to add your own! (edited with Bassassin info!)
ARIA Pro II RB650 (Matsumoku, Japan)[attachment=31671:Aria_ProII_RB650.jpg]
ASCO (Korea, probably Samick)[attachment=31673:Asco_ric...opy___92.jpg]
ASPEN [attachment=31749:Aspen_rick_copy.jpg]
ATELKOF (custom, France)[attachment=31672:Atelkof_rick_copy.jpg]
BURNY (Fernandes, Japan/Korea)[attachment=31678:Burny_PR...ck_style.jpg]
CIMAR (Japan) [attachment=31679:Cimar_Rick_copy.jpg]
ELECTRA Corsair (Matsumoku)[attachment=31680:Electro_...ick_copy.jpg]
FINCH (Brazil, 70s)[attachment=31681:Finch_rick_copy.jpg]
GARZ (custom US, played by Kira, Mike Watt's wife)[attachment=31695:kira_gar...ick_bass.jpg]
GHERSON (Italy)[attachment=31683:Gherson_rick_copy.jpg]
GIANNINI (Brazil, 70s)[attachment=31684:Giannini...py___70s.jpg]
GONZALES (Matsumoku, Japan)[attachment=31685:Gonzales...apan_70s.jpg]
GOYA (Matsumoku, Japan)[attachment=31686:Goya_rick_copy.jpg]
GRECO (Fujigen, Japan)[attachment=31687:Greco_RB...ick_copy.jpg]
HONDO (Samick, Korea)[attachment=31688:Hondo_rick_copy.jpg]
HOYER (Germany)[attachment=31689:Hoyer_50...ick_copy.jpg]
IBANEZ (Japan, Fujigen)[attachment=31690:Ibanez_2...ick_copy.jpg]
INDIE IRK (Asia)[attachment=31707:Indie_IRK.jpg]
JAYRO (Bacchus, Korea)[attachment=31750:Jayro_rick_copy.jpg]
JOHN BIRCH (UK)[attachment=31691:John_Bir...ck_style.jpg]
JOLANA D-Bass (Chechoslovakia)[attachment=31692:Jolana_D...py_bo_PJ.jpg]
KASUGA EB750(Japan)[attachment=31751:Kasuga_EB750.jpg]
KAY (Asia)[attachment=31694:Kay_Rick...py___70s.jpg]
LINDO (China)[attachment=31753:Lindo_rick_copy.jpg]
SHAFTESBURY (Japan/Italy)[attachment=31696:Shaftesb...tyle_MIJ.jpg]
SHINE (Korea)[attachment=31754:Shine_rick_copy.jpg]
SIGMA (Kasuga, Japan)[attachment=31697:Sigma_Ri...y__Aria_.jpg]
TOKAI (Japan)[attachment=31752:Tokai_Ro...ick_copy.jpg]
UNIVOX (Matsumoku, Japan)[attachment=31698:Univox_rick_copy.jpg]
VORG (Japan)[attachment=31699:Vorg_Rick_copy_70s.jpg]
WELLER aka WESLEY(China)[attachment=31701:Weller_R...nt__act..jpg]
WESTMINSTER (Japan)[attachment=31702:Westmins...en_greco.jpg]

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Oh, alright.

Three Of A Perfect Pair, L to R:

Matsumoku through-neck, no idea of the original brand. as it had been living as a 1974 Rickenbacker for a few decades and has forgotten its real name.

No-brand Frankenbugger parts project, body/neck I think from the same factory the Sigma in your pics. Sigma was owned by CF Martin and Kasuga & Tokai are thought to have built for them.

Kasuga EB-750, pimped with Hipshot, pearloid plate, home-made pup ring. All mods reversible.

Very interesting collection of pics - I can tell you that the Gonzales, Goya, Vorg & Westminster are all Matsumoku, The Electra Corsair is a Fujigen - Matsumoku did build Electras but so did Fujigen & Kasuga - all 3 factories did Corsair Rick copies. Cimar was associated with Ibanez but the guitars at that point don't appear to be Fujigen - the Cimar Rick is much more accurate than Fujigen's. The Greco is a Fujigen but they also sold Matsumoku-made Ricks at the same time, and Shaftesbury sourced near-identical hollow body Rickish basses from both Japan and Eko in Italy - they're very hard to tell apart!

You should have a look at this Facebook group:


I don't think John Hall's a member!


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[quote name='Bassassin' post='590477' date='Sep 5 2009, 10:58 AM']That's the Fujigen version - identical to the Ibanez 2388B bolt-neck. I love the full-width glitter inlays on these!


Yeah, I pointed that out to the guy who owned it. He seemed a bit upset as he appeared to want to believe it was a Mat. It seems Mats are to JapCrap on talkbass what Ibanez are on ebay. :)

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[quote name='Musky' post='591249' date='Sep 6 2009, 10:44 AM']Yeah, I pointed that out to the guy who owned it. He seemed a bit upset as he appeared to want to believe it was a Mat. It seems Mats are to JapCrap on talkbass what Ibanez are on ebay. :)[/quote]
Ha - would've really pi$$ed on his chips if it had been Kasuga's version of the Corsair - all 3 factories made 'em. :rolleyes:


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