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Compact Encyclopedia of British Bassmakers


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This is a sequel to BarnacleBobs British Bassmakers-thread.
Here's my completed Encyclopedia of British Bassmakers for download.
The story: in 2006 one of my former bass students contacted me about putting together
a complete list of worldwide bassmakers. I thought it would be an easy job - three months of
gathering information on what I estimated to be a 1000 brands of basses...not so....there are about 3000
and I still haven't finished my research after three years. My partner in writing (and the publisher we contacted) are no longer
with the project leaving a pile of information and bass history untouched and unfinished. BarnacleBob's recent British Bassmakers
thread inspired me to finish of a little part of the encyclopedia and here it is to share with you.
If you find inaccurate information, badly written english (I'm Dutch) or simply miss brands, custom makers or pictures please contact me.
If your picture is in this publication and you don't want it to be in there - let me know. If you have better or more interesting pictures - send
them. If you are a british bassmaker that's not included - contact me. And if you're interested in the rest of the encyclopedia - glad to hear from you -
it may get finished one day.
Disclaimer: I've done my very best to provide accurate information. My sources are the Net, many books, dealer stories and many many catalogues. I may have gotten some things wrong - don't hold it against me...
If anyone likes to use this information - feel free to do so but mention where you got it from...if anyone intends to misuse this information (for commercial purposes) - I'll hunt you down and sue you! This project has cost me hundreds hours of work without any financial compensation.

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