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Tasty trance bass

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I don't listen to much bass guitar for inspiration but generally prefer to transpose 'synthetic' bass lines I find on House, drum n' bass and trance tunes onto the b/g.  While psy /Goa trance bass composed on Abelton, Serum whatever sounds simple it's deceptively tricky and knackering to play precisely on the b/g over 6+ minutes. Anyway, I was doing a search on YT when i came across this guy playing his own trance composition on bass. Very tasty IMO. Just the right amount of delay and a lovely tone


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48 minutes ago, musicbassman said:

No, @Barking Spiders , I thought it was really good, and apparently so did at least 3 other people.


It's great seeing people being creative and having a fresh approach - to any instrument, especially bass  🙂

 I find it a refreshing change to see something basswise on YT other than the usual slap frenzies from Flea wannabes and metal oriented channels. There are a couple of other good vids of guys playing House basslines on the b/g. Being a descendent of disco, there are loads of great basslines to hear in House even if most are not played on the b/g

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