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Squier Classic vibe 70s Jazz bass


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Hi guys


So I’m getting GAS for Maple board,Block in-lays & dare I say it….Sunburst finish!
I don’t want to spend a fortune on a Fender, but I see mixed reviews on the weight of these basses.

Can anyone give me an honest opinion on these Squires or suggest alternatives? Budget up to £500

I realise that’s getting up to S/H Mexican player prices as well as Sire V7’s but would I be better off just up-grading hardware on the Squier?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve had two of the VM77s and I’d say they are fantastic basses, really feel good to play and sound it too. Not too heavy either. I changed the pickups on one to Fender 74s and that was a nice improvement but other than changing the bridge baseplate to one with grooves in I left the rest stock, no real need to make any changes.

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I was in the exact place as you about 2 years ago. I went to Andertons and tried a Squier, Sire and G&L and ended up with the G&L. I really like the feel of the neck, the bridges are great and I preferred the sound.


I did end up putting in a pair of the Fender 74 J pups in and a ki0gon loom. It sounded good before, but it sounds amazing now!


The Sire sounded good too. The preamp in them is great and can give you a really wide range if tones, but the G&L just edged it for me.

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