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CzechEase soft cover required

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Hi folks. I have a S1 CzechEase bass that has its original Mooradian soft cover. Unfortunately the cover's foam padding has disintegrated and is unusable. The bass is covered (and filled) with fine black granules if the cover is put on it, and even our carpets are suffering from all the black dust. It's now been consigned to a black bin bag and stored away!

Anyway, I assumed that I'd be able to replace the cover with another by Mooradian, or perhaps the standard item that's presumably supplied by Strunal (the makers of the CzechEase), but it seems that David Gage is no longer selling the CE and Mooradian don't seem interested in my plight. I haven't found a way of contacting Strunal yet. 

I wonder if any of you have suggestions, or know of a cover for sale (maybe an original cover that's been superceded by a Mooradian?). 

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Posted (edited)

I believe the owner retired and shut down the business at the end of 2019, I saw that on a TB post. At that time it seemed his daughter might continue doing some repairs but I don't know if that happened. Perhaps an email to Gage might get an explanation about why they aren't selling them anymore.

There are other companies that make custom cases but that will get expensive fast.

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