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Maruszczyk Jake 5p - *SOLD*

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This is an odd one. The bass appears to have been in and out of the forum like a fiddlers elbow. I really like it - the neck in particular is outstanding and it has a lovely 'light' P tone. Need the cash though and this one is probably sitting at number 3/4 on my list so I have to cut it. I hope it can find a stable home soon, it's a real player, fab passive tone and a great B string. Very nice sweet spot in the middle of the tone pot which does covers pretty much everything from slap to motown. Deserves to be loved, as do we all,....


The most recent history is here:



I won't bore you with my life story, let just say pricing to sell quickly so no trades or offers please. Shipping is extra but I will include a set of flats that came with the bass when I bought it - it's great with flats but for me worked better with rounds.


WIll add some additional pictures of the bass in person asap.


Cheers lovelys!


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