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Convert GK Combo into Head


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Hi all,


I have Gallien Kreuger 400RB combo, which I really like. However, a lot of places I go already have a bass cab in situ, and hauling the combo around is a pain.


As such, I want to convert it into a head to take as just an amp. I have my eye out for a broken 400RB head but nothing is coming up.


Could I just put it in a single rack mount case and maybe put holes in the top in the same place as the combo?


Is there an obvious answer I'm missing?


Thanks, A

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They did make a rack mountable head so the combo version may have the fixings already in place to mount rack ears and then it should fit a 2u rack case.

I've got a really nice amp sleeve that Mike Walsh, Zoot Bass, made for me. It may fit that in the way you describe.

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Check the actual width. I know old Trace combos had bespoke extra wide cases as the cabinets were much wider than the regular amp cases. Also check there is a lid on the amp, it's mostly extra weight when inside a combo box so may be nothing there!

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I've done this with my old 700rb combo. The head unit fits a 19 inch rack with the stock GK RB series mounting ears.


I simply fitted the ears, put it in a 3 unit depth case to allow ventilation with the amp occupying the lowest two spaces. I used a Penn Elcom 1 unit depth rack unit shelf above the amp unit protecting the innards, the shelf is sufficiently perforated and covers the amp well enough. 


The advantage of having the amp in a standard rack unit without vents means that the amp is protected from stray drinks being put on top of your amp, obviously to be avoided, but sadly it happens when your back is turned.


If you are local to the Midlands I've got the rack shelf if you want it, I swapped my 700rb case for a stock head box, long story.





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I made a combo for my old GK400RB but decapitated it lol .. I think I still have the ‘head case’ in my cellar, it might fit your needs, would probably just need a base plate (ply).


Cab looked like this (really nice ply btw)




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