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Mikey way mustang for £100!

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Collection on London only which would have been okay for me as I was almost tempted and would probably have snapped it up if it was still silver sparkle, but the pics are low res and I can't tell whether there's a crack or two showing on the back of the headstock. If its just been oversprayed with red car paint from a rattle can, it might come off easily with acetone and reveal the original silver sparkle finish underneath assuming it wasn't stripped first.





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21 hours ago, MichaelDean said:

@Owen I've got an eBay alert set up for them. They really don't come up often and the last one I saw went for around £350/400.

There was a nice looking original one on Facebook market place last week for £200.00, had I been in the market for one I would have bitten his arm off at that price!

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