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Is it wrong that I would trade the missus for a tobias?

oz of the bass

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[quote name='oz of the bass' post='459949' date='Apr 11 2009, 02:37 PM']Ever since I started playing bass after hearing a bassist of the name Juan Nelson (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) and seeing his Tobias bass I've been semi-obsessive about owning one. Does anyone know if they really are everything I've made them cracked up to be in my head?[/quote]

Does Juan still play Tobias?

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I used to lust after Tobias basses until I played one. The necks are unbelievably skinny & I just couldn't get on with it at all.
(That was a pretty old one mind, don't know what they're like since Gibson got their mitts on 'em)
No matter how gorgeous you think a bass is make sure you try before you buy, as there's always a chance you won't get on with it.
I wasted a lot of time & money on Rickenbacker 4001's before I realised they're just not for me, even though I love 'em. Same with Wals - beautiful basses but I didn't get on with that V neck profile they used.

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Ill take your mrs after the trade you get,im trying to start a harem in the country here and its getting difficult choice wise,i dont have the tobias but ill swap her for a roland jupiter synth if your interested?,she will like it here we have a very decent standard of living and i grow organic vegetables and have a decent selection of fine wines, also i am very attractive to the opposite sex.

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