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On hold, sale pending: Fender Precision Bass 1966 sunburst ohsc €7.500 (trades welcome) - *SOLD*

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Fender Precision 1966




Beautiful and fantastic playing/sounding precision bass. The sunburst is still very vibrant on this one. It appears to be all original except for a pro refret (playability is great with low action). Also the knobs differ a little from each other,so I assume one is a replacement.







 pots are dated week 18 of 1966, neck date May 5 66, pickups original grey bottoms (will make some pics later on). Technically the bass is perfect. The neck is straight and we'll adjustable, and also all hardware and electronics are working like they should.


This precision sounds and plays just great. The tone control is very useful for a nice range of tones. It sounds great with either rounds or flats. When I'm shifting it, it will be set up with fresh GHS precision flats or round. Without the covers the bass weighs about 3.9kg if I recall right. It's definitely very comfortable.


An original tail logo hardcase is included in the sale. This case is in good condition for it's age.


Now also for sale: €8.000


Tradewise I am interested in a 60s Jazz Bass. Ideally 65 or older (before the binding was introduced). A well worn finish or a nice refin is not necessarily a dealbreaker. Weight must be below 4kg.


Partial trades are negotiable too. Think; music man sabre, jazz bass (Fender Roadworn, Avri, Custom shop, japanese copies), mustang bass.... Surprise me.


I've got more stuff to add in a trade if needed. 

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41 minutes ago, Bunion said:

Did you sell a 66 Jazz or was it this one and I dreamt it was a jazz?



 Yes I also sold a lovely 66 jazz. It was really a nice playing and sounding one, but I'm on the hunt for my ideal 60s jazz which is below 4kg :)



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  • SurroundedByManatees changed the title to Sold: Fender Precision Bass 1966 sunburst ohsc €7.500 (trades welcome)
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