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Rhythm Stick - a new treatment

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My favourite BC joke was this one.


A woman sees a parrot in a pet shop and falls in love with it. She asks to buy it and the shopkeeper warns her that it had previously lived in a brothel and that its language was a bit ripe.


"Not a problem", she says. "We're all adults in our house".


She takes it home, puts the cage on the table and her two daughters come into the room to see it. The parrot eyes them and the lounge. "Oh yes", it says. "Very nice. Classy place and the girls are pretty. I'm going to like it here".


The woman calls her husband to come and meet the new member of the family. He walks in, the parrot takes one look at him and says, "Hello Steve".

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I like this one of his.


A man is up before the magistrate for shooting a golden eagle.


'It was a terrible accident, your honour.  I was shooting pheasant,had one in my sights and pulled the trigger just as the eagle swooped down from nowhere and took the bullet.  It was never my intention to shoot the eagle'


'Sounds reasonable' said the magistrate 'case dismissed.  But before you go tell me, please, what happened to the eagle?'


'I ate it, your honour'


'Really.  And what did it taste like?'


'Rather like swan'



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