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Allegedly Hawkwind's Alan Davey's Rick

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To save you the effort:


"Rickenbacker Bass Guiar(used To Be Alan Daveys From Hawkwind). I bought this of hawkwind ex-bass player roughly 5 to 8 tears ago I had a letter stating the I bought this of Alan davey its a fire glow rickenbacker Bass guitar,which they don't make any more but I,ve misplaced it somewhere and it was signed by Alan in the letter so if I come across it I'll put it with this beautiful guiar,there,s not a mark on this fantastic jem,it comes with his psyedelic warlords and tombstone aroma stickers that and hawkwind fans might recognise plus it was used on a few of his solo albums..sorry about the photos not doing this bass guitar any justice as they were taken of my phone "

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Searching for picures of Alan Davey and he Rick, I found one wih a Fireglo Rick. However, i's no he one in he aucion as i has chrome, no gold, hardware, so his wouldn' be any good o use in a ribue band.

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13 hours ago, Clarky said:

My eyesight must be shot as both this and the bass on eBay appear to have chrome hardware to me!


Mus be a rick of the ligh, i looked like rather faded gold to me but maybe no.

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8 minutes ago, vinorange said:

Would being owned by Alan Davey increase or decrease its worth?

Just asking...nothing inferred......


Genuinely I can't see it affecting the value that much, but if you were a real fan I guess maybe you would be more interested.

Given that is more than the full price, you would have to be quite the fan to go for it I would have thought, although probably not one to judge as I never really understood why you would pay a lot more for something a 'celbrity' didn't want.


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I wouldn't pay a premium for Alan Davey's bass. However, he is a very good player if somewhat heavily inspired by his predecessor Lemmy. Take a listen to Right to Decide from the album Electric Tepee for some prime Lemmy 'Space Ritual' type bass lines



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