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is there anyway of adding a bump counter to for sale ads so people can see how many times the op has bumped the listing please

If you are on here everyday you can see what's going on but for those that aren't but come here say from a google search for a particular item they might not realise that x has been listed for 10 days and bumped 5 times, suggesting seller is keen to offload, whereas some sellers list and leave it a while before bumping.

and maybe the serial bumpers might have limits in the same way as the new monthly limit on number of new listings (are you a business ?)

just an idea

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It would be a bit tricky to add a bump counter, and also not really in everyones interest. It seems you want one to check if people are really keen to sell or not, the only real advantage to that is to see if they will go down a bit more.

I would say you can get the same information from just asking them.


With changes we put in recently (not fully implimented), if an item isn't bumped for a while it will be closed, so if you see something thats still for sale you can tell it has been actively updated reasonably recently.


Not sure that having a bump limit helps anyone - if you have something that isn't a cheap fender P bass then it might take a bit longer to sell, but I cant see what restricting those oportunities does for anyone.

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