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Another in my occasional series of things I thought I needed, but did not. Now with 15% discount on everything.

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Discount cos something has come up. You all know how it is.


I have a slight obsession with straps. Do I actually need this many? Not even close. I need some, so I will let the market decide and keep 2 or 3. Postage will be whatever it will be when I get to the PO. You will pay me for the strap (or rack) (or Session Cake), I will post it and tell you what postage was. Then you will PP F+F me the postage costs because we are cool that way. All strap locks will be taken off.


Black with light suede lining 4" Italia Strap  60

Comfort Strap                                                25

P+P Strap                                                       20

P+P Strap                                                       25

Black with funky brown tailpiece 2 1/2" Italia strap      45

Dark Brown with light tan suede lining 4" Italia Strap   60

Suede all over tan 4" Italia Strap                 60

Suede all over tan 4" Italia Strap                 60

Funky retro Fender thing                             15

Mono Betty Strap - Long                            30



SKB Roto-Molded 2U Shallow Rack           50

When I gig I will use my Sadowsky floor pre into a QSC wedge. Why do I have 19"rack cases?

This is worth WAY more than £50, but that is what I paid Mr Binky for it a month ago. I would love to turn a PHAT profit on it but it would be uncool. Very little is worse than being uncool.


Yamaha Session Cake SC-01                        20

Do you remember when these were being sold really cheap and we all thought "MUST HAVE". Yeah. I have not even taken it out of the plastic.


SKB 3U Shallow X rack with vent holes drilled  50


I have more balanced AND unbalanced Jack to XLR adapter leads than anyone would ever need. All kosher Neutrik plugs. £5.50 each


I reserve the right to find other things I do not need. I hope my wife does not read this.










Here is a lnk to the posh SKB 2U rack


Here is a link to something else I would love to need but I cannot play it in a way that does not make me wince.



I will proabably dive into my excessively large collection of gig bags soon. Lots of stuff there I do not need.


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Good evening @owen and Happy New Year!


Is the Mono strap still available? 


If so, I'm interested.. Would it be too long for a shorter humanoid like me do you think ? I am 5 ft 6" (on a good day ).. 



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  • Owen changed the title to Another in my occasional series of things I thought I needed, but did not. Now with 15% discount on everything.

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