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Mark Hoppus/Twitch and Rick Beato/WMTSG #110

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Bit of You Tube algorithmic juxtaposition yesterday.  New Rick Beato (Blink182) and an in-remission and newly grey-haired Mark Hoppus (he is pushing 50, you know) doing play-alongs.


The Rick Beato clip is, as usual, very well put together, enthusiastic and highly enjoyable.  The play-alongs, if nothing, demonstrate that playing can be simple and effective without the need to showboat.


Mark Hoppus admits he's not the most gifted of players but I've always felt that what he does do is contribute (musically) to something that consequently becomes greater than the sum of the constituent parts.  Obviously it helps having Travis Barker in the engine room.





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His hair fell out when he had chemotherapy and then grew back white. He was baffled too as he didn’t have any grey hair before.

Apparently it isn’t uncommon for that to happen.


I think Mark is a better player than he gets credit for. He does a lot of interesting (for the genre, at least) things with chords to fill out the sound of a 1-guitar band. A lot of the time you don’t notice what he’s really doing. I enjoy his playalongs for that reason, you get to see what he actually does.

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9 minutes ago, joeystrange said:

I enjoy his playalongs for that reason, you get to see what he actually does.


It's odd (perhaps not odd, but cited) that elsewhere Rick Beato says they regularly tuned down a half-step although it's apparent from the videos that Mark Hoppus is playing off an F# where Beato is playing off a G.

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I think Rick's guitar was just tuned down a half step, but he wanted to use an S type with a humbucker in the bridge. Blink play in standard.


I love Blink and Mark Hoppus they were my first obsession band when I picked up the bass, and Mark was probably the reason I chose bass. 


I agree with what a lot of people have said on this thread, he doesn't get the credit he deserves. Even to be able to play at the lightning speed they played live. On top of that the lines are usually more interesting than they first appear.

I'm glad he got the all clear from the big C.

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