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Two switchers and one footcontroller

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Hi, this looks very promising. I would like to know if two switching units can be combined with one footcontroller. I have a quite large pedal board and a preamp/compressor/fx rack on top of my Marshall head. Switching would be necessary in both locations. Also when will this be available for orders? Happy new year and kind regards. Sascha.

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Hello Sascha!
Of course, we are considering such options, but they will not be available soon. Our technical platform allows countless combinations of features and expansions of individual ones, but only those who will have a wide enough circle of users to make their sense will be able to go into production.
Personally, I even think that demanding users like you need more footswitches, so it would make perfect sense to use 2 complete sets (2x SmartSwitcher + 2x SmartController).
Regarding the date for preorders, I can say at the moment that we will probably postpone it, as we have a response that exceeds expectations and we will probably change both the final version of the product (and already include some features planned for the future) and the way of presale. Stay tuned as more will be announced soon.



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I was wondering the same thing. 10 loops seems small (unless I have tons of pedals in the same loop, which I would love to avoid)

Ideally I want to change patches from just one foot controller. Once my patches are organised, I just need to bank up and down for a show.

One switcher and two looping modules would be ideal for me.

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Remember that LAA are developing for a mass market, not the needs of niche users. They have to develop a MVP that hooks in enough interest for it to sell.

If you are running complex boards, you are probably looking at more complex control systems anyway.

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