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£150 from santa. How should I upgrade my bass?


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Have a look in the FS...

Pickups? Noisy? - Shield Paint Kit for a tenner... remember that Jazz Pups do hum a bit unless both on full. If ya wana change the tone try the FS section and make an offer on some older posts?

Kiogon Loom VVT or VBT or Switching.. £30ish well spent and sometimes appear in the FS...

What are the machine heads like? - Try a dab of vaseline on the worm drives and giving em a good turn can smooth em out...(and some pencil lead rubbed in the nut slot) before resigning the current tuners as no good!

Bridge? - Maybe cosmetic... maybe more sustain? Gotoh or Badass to replace the BBOT...

Scratchplate? - Just dont waste money on Tort?

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If you don’t already KNOW what you would change on the bass, my advice is don’t change it at all. Save your money for when you think of something you really want.


They’re good basses as they are.


A lot of money is wasted on unnecessary “upgrades”. A lot.

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