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Another new old guy .... another late mid life crisis ...


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At the ripe young age of 55, I picked up an instrument for the first time and have spent the last 9 months improving from rank beginner to slightly less rank beginner. Learning is a long and slow journey but I'm in no rush.


I picked up a trusty Yamaha BB434 and an ampeg rocket bass and that keeps me out of mischief for the most part. I have occcassional moments of GAS when I read through the forum but I spent far too long at a computer when I was working so I'm happy to keep it simple and learn how to get the most of a bass and an amp before I start dabbling in any darker arts with pedals and effects. 


Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I did loiter on the forums for a long while before posting and got a huge amount of useful information to get me started. 


I'm sure I'll succumb to GAS sooner rather than later but I'm still learning so much in terms of getting different tones out of a bass and amp whether by tweaking the EQ or plucking \ fretting hand articulations that anything else at the moment will just distract me from playing and practicing.

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