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Industry Standards


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Interested in industry standards for different genres, some aspects may change for individuals but let’s try and keep to the general set ups. I’ll start off with Punk/Oi:


Fender Precision 

Steel Roundwound Strings

Sansamp Bass Driver

Ampeg SVT


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Almost every gig I've been provided with a bass rig that all the bands use, or festivals I have been to watch the bass rigs have mostly been some kind of Ampeg, next popular would  Ashdown with about equal measures of Eden and Markbass. So I would say Ampeg rigs are still the standard for most genres. As for instruments FSO's are still the ones I see mostly on stages, on tv concerts or videos, regardless of genre so I would again think they are still industry standard. That said there are obviously individual variances and my setups are far from industry standard.

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3 hours ago, ianrendall said:

90s indie/britpop. 
Epiphone Rivoli



Not sure I'd agree with this...


The majority of the major players, especially in the britpop era, tended to gravitate towards P, J or MM.


Oasis (original bassist) - Jazz/Tele

Blur - P/MM

Elastica - MM

Pulp - P/J/MM

Travis - P

Radiohead - P/MM

Shed 7 - P/MM

Mansun - J

The Verve - J




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