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I've finally decided to move this exceptional machine, on to someone who can get the best out of it.

I'm selling this as a bundle, and trust me, you will need both to get the best out of the system.


The C4 is a synth pedal which not only has tons of cool funky synth sounds, but also has every type of envelope filter you can think off. Not only that but Octavers (Great OC2 models and a meatbox which will rattle your fillings) synthy fuzzes/phasers/bit crush/sample Rate reduction/LFO'S/arpeggiators, more soubds than you can shake a stick at.

At its heart it's a full Eurorack synth and completely programmable via a laptop or Mobile using the Nuero App, or you can download hundreds of user presets from the cloud.


With this is the Disaster Area DMC.micro which is a small MIDI controller enabling you to access to 128 different sounds from the C4. It can also control other devices at the same time.


All in all im not using these devices to their fullest and I think someone with more patience for laptops than me, will get so much more out of it, this thibg will literally replace most of your pedalboard


Both in as new condition, the Disaster Area I bought new in March and has literally seen a few rehearsals since then, not gigged at all. And yes I have the boxes for both these items.


I will also include the Ghost adapter and USB cable needed to connect these together (cost an extra £15)


Selling as a package only for £280 incl UK only postage




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20 hours ago, Bunion said:

I had to let mine go, for filter the GR2 by 3leaf does it all. 
These are amazing but possibly too much in one pedal 

Yes I've a GR2 incoming, which will sound great with your old Amber Spector, that is now mine 😍😍

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