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Fender Precision - with Jazz neck?


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I think the Nate Mendel is slightly bigger than a jazz at the nut? I haven't played one so can't say for sure, but I think I read that it was modelled on his original 70s P, so would come in at about 41mm.


If that's ok then I'd also recommended a Japanese PB 70/70us. The necks on those are sublime.

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38 minutes ago, gjones said:

MIM Fender Precision Deluxe has a Jazz neck.


It's an active P/J with noiseless pickups.


I've played one and they are very, very nice.

They used to do a passive version of the Precision Deluxe too, which is very nice and also has a Jazz neck.

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I am that person that loves p basses with jazz neck. Add to it the problem that I need them to be 4kg max


I scouted around for options (the most notable being the Fender Boxer PJ for that 1k£ budget) but I returned it as I didnt love the tone, a bit waffled.


I am now settled with the limelights on jazz necks! With different Nordstrand pickups and ranging from 3.6 to 3.75kg.


I'd post a picture but I've been plugging it all along everywhere already ha!

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I bought this one some years ago when I first started playing. 

Still one of my favorite Fenders...don't buy into that "Fender PJs don't sound like a real P bass and the J pickup is weak!" nonsense. This is still one of the few Fenders I could see myself owning and I regret selling it.


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2 hours ago, Steve Browning said:

I think that one needs a pint of Guinness. 🙂 Joshing, of course.

Cheers, don't mind if i do...

I've got a bit of Guiness flow going on in the wood, but guess i might be looking a bit anemic to some... The Danish has darkened up a little...

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P bass Special California Series.


2016 American Standard PJ (part of the Magnificent Seven releases of that year).


I've owned both models. There were two of the latter up for sale here earlier in the year in quick succession. 


Lakland offer a J-width nut (1.5”) on their P basses. (I have one and it’s lovely.) There have been two of these for sale on here in the last year or so. 

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