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NBD - handmade 6-string headless


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Somebody pointed this one out in the Ebay section. After due consideration (which took several days), I decided to have it.




Passive, coil-tapped pickups. Controls are pickup selector switch (bridge, both, neck) and two volumes, each with a pull pot which gives the coil tap. The cover at the body end hides the truss rod access, which I haven't delved into. Strings are standard single ball ends with a clamp at the nut end and I think an ETS bridge and tuner system.


Although it's 36" scale which gave me a little trepidation, it's easy to play with quite a shallow neck. String spacing is adjustable and currently set to 17.5mm. Fretboard is flat (unradiused). Rather a nice touch - the fret markers cascade across the fretboard.


The sound is quite impressive, the coil taps are effective. Appearance-wise, the lines are (to my eye anyway) quite flowing, with an asymmetry that works well.




I may adjust the string spacing, not sure about that. I do need to replace the strap pegs with Boston Schaller-compatibles (cue the straplock war).

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On 23/11/2021 at 03:28, Lfalex v1.1 said:

That's rather nice. 

Looks like it'll balance well, too.

Is it passive? That's not super-common for a sixer.


Yes - I'm going to have a look in the control cavity with the possibility of putting a preamp in.

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