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Seasoning wood.


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5 hours ago, Si600 said:

I bought some 40 x 200 x 3000 from the DIY shed a couple of weeks ago. It felt nice and light and I bought the flattest ones I could find.


They've all cupped to a greater or lesser extent. Poxy things.


You say that as if cupping is a bad thing...

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I have a couple of slabs of very heavy Aussie eucalypt which I keep as the top boards for wood stacks. Everything gets stacked with slats between layers and then the last layer if the heavy eucalypt slabs. That keeps everything nice and flat while things acclimatize for a few months. (or longer)  Wide, flat cut boards, are always a bit touch and go, their natural inclination is to cup as they dry. No system is foolproof, some wood will do it's own thing once released from the stack, but at least careful stacking and drying reduces the chances.

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On 26/11/2021 at 12:28, Stub Mandrel said:


I see Axminster have some very nice bits of timber are surprisingly sensible prices, including Sycamore and Ash. Do you have an idea how well-seasoned their stock is?

Is that in store or online? Not seen any timber on the website

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21 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:


 In store, up to six feet long, oak, ash, sycamore, beech.

Ah, cheers. Shame the closest Axminster to me is about 3 hours away 🙁 not many local hardwoods suppliers near me, certainly none supplying appropriate sizes for guitar/bass building. Thank goodness for the internet!

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