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ACG Über spec 6 string Recurve bass


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1 hour ago, Devers95 said:

New images just in! Does this post get bumped when I reply again or should it be a new post? Im assuming people will still see it here. Enjoy! 



Holy Moly!

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25 minutes ago, eude said:

I was at ACG Towers last week and saw this beauty in the flesh.

You're one lucky guy!

I'll bet this will be the longest 3 weeks of your life 🙂

Im so jealous! Haha. Cant wait. Quite  few festivals booked this summer, looking forward to having it in time for em! 

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13 hours ago, zbd1960 said:

I think it was a smidge less than 10 months for my ACG 4/32 Krell. I'm very pleased with mine. Looking forward to seeing yours when delivered.  

Ordered mine in November so looking at 6 months for a build which is very good! I was told itd take 10 months. 

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4 hours ago, Daz39 said:

It is utterly gorgeous. *even for one of Alan's builds. That colour impregnation-thingy is sublime.

Gorgeous isnt it? Im doing a big house move shortly, in a few weeks to a month or so when I have time I'll get a youtube video up or something. Until I get some proper footage from festivals etc over the summer.

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