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Your favourite 2021 album release


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There's still almost 2 months to go before the end of the year so it could all change, but right now my album of the year is "Love Made Me Do It" by Kat Von D which is completely 80s-tastic!


I also liked "Flux" by Poppy, but it's a bit ordinary compared with her previous album "I Disagree" so not a contender IMO.


PS why is this in "Off Topic"? It's a perfectly acceptable subject for "General Discussion". Or does the OP not consider their choice to be "music"?

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I think there's 2 that have really stood out for me.


Dead Daisies - Holy Ground





and Cory Wong's Paisley Park Sessions with Sonny T on bass.




TBH I've only bought a few 2021 releases so far, and several of them have involved Cory Wong.


Wildhearts '21st Century Love Songs' gets an honourable mention though.


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I bought a lot more new music last year. This year I've been rediscovering more old stuff or catching up from last year.


On rotation the most has been Little Simz - sometimes I might be introvert. Skip the overblown first track though...




Anthony Joseph - The rich are only defeated when running for their lives. Some we'll put together jazz poetry with reggae influence.




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2 hours ago, RhysP said:

Can't choose just one, but my favourite albums of 2021 so far are:


Becky Becky - Maraca

The Anchoress - The Art of Losing

Gojira - Fortitude

Jean Michel Jarre - Amazonia

Adrian Smith & Richie Kotzen - Smith/Kotzen

Absolutely agree about The Art Of Losing, superb bit of work.

Also enjoying Weight Of The World by Florence Black and Tell Your Girls It’s Alright by The Dead Deads 🙂

edit - ooh and the Wildhearts album!

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On 07/11/2021 at 18:19, Lozz196 said:

I’ve bought a couple of albums released this year, the best imo being SNAFU by The Professionals 



I like that, they look like the fella’s who got sent down for the Hatton garden job. I’m not sure if I’ve bought anything new this year, I’ve discovered lots of new to me stuff and bought my son lots of classic albums to encourage his maturing music taste, 12 and he listens to Talking Heads and other ‘grown up stuff’ he’s also an annoyingly good guitar player.

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On 07/11/2021 at 15:01, SteveXFR said:


For me, there's no competition, it has to be Fortitude by Gojira


It reminds me of Sepultura's Roots album, lots of South American influences showing through and incredible drumming. The overall sound is massive. Definitely one to play loud. Possibly my favourite metal album of the last decade.



Really enjoying this. I've not kept up to speed with metal this century but will do some exploring after this. Thanks.

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I think I've only bought 2 albums this year, both new releases though.


Richie Kotzen and Adrian Smith's Smith/Kotzen album is a great collection of songs, definitely one of my favourites at the moment. 


My favourite of the year though is Eliza Shaddad's album The Woman You Want. I saw her support Turin Brakes a few years ago and she was brilliant. I'm really pleased that In The Morning is on the album, just a fantastic song.

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35 minutes ago, RhysP said:

Is the Styx album good then? Not had a chance to hear it yet.

I thought "The Mission" was pretty good.

Yep, They've definitely been on form over the last few years. The Mission was excellent and they've followed it up with another solid release....!

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