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Ibanez Promethean P3110 Combo Now SOLD


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The clear out continues - this time my spare combo a lovely little Ibanez Promethean P3110 for sale with Roqsolid cover.


The amp is in excellent condition. I have gigged it myself only once (with PA support) on a big stage with a full band - it worked really well as a monitor when my main amp died. Apart from this it’s been used at home as a practice amp. I bought it secondhand but it has been well cared for.

It sounds nice and punchy however the tweeter doesn’t work - possibly a loose connection - I didn’t bother to attempt to fix this as it sounds fine without it.

I can box it and send it at buyers cost in the U.K. probably around £25.

Please note that much of my gear has been sold or is in storage and I have been using this with my main amp’s power lead (kettle lead) so no mains lead is included.

I’d prefer pickup so you can try it. No trades.

Here is the Ibanez blurb. 

Designed to achieve a full-spectrum bass tone in a compact portable package, the Promethean P3110 is capable of producing up to 300w of power. It is also equipped with an array of useful, on-board features making this far more than just a simple practice amp. The 3-band EQ, 10" woofer with dome tweeter, and balance XLR, afford this amp everything needed to be an agile and effective gigging solution.







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I seem to remember that these put out 300w as is and 300w with an extension cab? The article may even be on BC about the jiggery pokery used to achieve that. Still tempted! 😁

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From a previous BC thread - 


[quote name='basskit_case' timestamp='1392199753' post='2365772']
I was looking at the P3110 on Thomann yesterday, they have a link to the manual and I read it as 160w or 300w with extension cab.

The quote is from Talkbass. I have found the wiring diagram somewhere too. If I find it I will post it...
"Nice thing about the P3110 is the internal speaker has two 8 ohm voice coils wired in parallel thus you have the full 300 watts with the internal speaker. When you plug in the external speaker one of the 8 ohm windings is disconnected. A very innovative feature and a great amp. I have the P3115 (same amp diff cabinet) and love it. Enjoy".


Conflicting info indeed. But the 8ohm winding in the combo is supposed to split into 2x150w when an 8ohm extension is attached resulting in 300w either way. Jiggery pokery beyond my feeble mind I'm afraid. Mine was pretty loud on its own but it t is a 110 and not an 810 😁


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