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Neck heel too big for neck pocket

Jono Bolton

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I recently bought a new neck to go on a guitarbuild body I have under the bed that I've been meaning to put together. I checked the measurements and the neck heel at the widest point matches the width of the pocket, but it won't fit. I'm guessing the taper of the heel doesn't quite match that of the pocket  so the heel of the neck around the 18th fret is wider than the pocket by a mm or so. 


What's the best option here? Alter the heel? Alter the pocket? Send it back? I've tested a couple of other necks in the same body and they dropped in no problem.

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Similar Issue with the neck n body on my p bitsa... only about a mm or so just to sort the heel end a slight taper.

Google Cabinet Makers in your area...

A local cabinet maker, never worked on guitars before, but took a look and used a router in the neck pocket, using a template of the neck heel. Charged me a tenner... This was on a rear rout so i wanted best poss as no plate to cover the join.

Got a feeling i'll be taking my next bitsa back there for a similar job


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1 hour ago, TheGreek said:

Save yourself the work, send it back and get one that fits without modding.

While I would definitely not be doing the work myself, I'm erring towards this. It's a shame as it's a lovely neck, but I really can't be doing with the hassle and I've been struggling to find a guitar tech locally who would be willing to have a look at it before the time frame to return it expires.

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if it came to a decision between the two then I'd say it's easier give the sides of the neck heel a light sanding than the neck pocket - being able to sand a 90 degree internal corner (assuming you're doing it by hand) without leaving a step (and therefore not getting the fit perfect) is difficult.

Then of course there's the radiused corners...

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