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Wireless options. Picky shopper content lol

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my old x2 system seems to have died after 15+years of playing stages of all sizes, both in this country and abroad. 
in case my trusty friend and electronic guru isn’t able to fix it, I’m kind of investigating options for replacement. 

I’m a fairly picky shopper for some things, and musical gear generally seems to be one of them. 
I’d like to find something along similar lines to my x2 system- meaning that I’m not a fan of the foldable type transmitter things, and would like a pedal sized receiver to go on my board. 
I’ve looked at the boss and line 6 offerings, and I have to say that I think the ‘block on a jack’ type transmitters look terrible. I’d prefer a unit with a cable. 
what kind of options are there out there?

Thanking you 👍🤘

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I have L6 G70 and G75 and they are great but discontinued.


If I was replacing them I'd go with the Shure. It seems to have a very good reputation.


That being said - the block on the jack thing can be easily sorted by using a small cable and putting the block on the strap. Have to do that with some jack sockets on guitars anyway.

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2 hours ago, dudewheresmybass said:

It’s looking more and more like I may have to ‘bend’ somewhat about my criteria. The smooth hound is definitely on the radar. 
thanks for the suggestions thus far 👍


Just remember that the Smooth Hound is relatively high latency compared with similar devices. If you also have digital effects on the your pedal board, it may become noticeable especially if you use IEM.

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I’ve had a few wireless systems, but I’m currently using the Shure GLX. Tried and tested indoors and out and I would highly recommend it.

The previous system I had was the G75 which was also good, but it went through batteries quite quickly.

The rechargeable batteries in the Shure body packs are superb. They charge quickly and last for ages.

@walshy & @bassfan also speak highly of them.

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I used a line 6 G30 for a few years and never had any issues with it, I briefly tried a Smooth hound on loan from a friend and just didn't get on with it, I'm now running a G50 and would happily buy another. the extra channels and metal body of the transmitter are a worthwhile step up from the G30, the only tiny gripe is the use of a tiny xlr for the input as they are very fiddly to solder (i make my own cables)


I run mine with rechargeable Panasonic batteries and just swap in a fresh pair before the gig.



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I use one of these:






I've been using it since March this year and it's coped with numerous rehearsals and about 10-12 gigs, flawlessly. Having the receiver double as a tuner is a genius move. It's also built like a (very elegant) tank. I don't use it as a bug as I've designed my own bespoke (read "home made") connecting system, which is secured neatly to my strap. 


Before that, I was a very satisfied Smooth Hound user. I had that for years and it did a great job. Personally, I never had an issue with latency. No one in the band used in-ear monitoring which can be a factor, apparently, and although it was used alongside my trusty, digital Zoom B3 multi-fx, it always sounded fine. If there was any delay in the signal, I, anyone in the band and the numerous sound engineers I worked with, never noticed it. Once again, I never used that as a bug as there's a neat little adapter dealio that you can get from Chris at SH for a few quid. Well worth it, I'd say. I'd still be using it, if I hadn't reduced the size of my board, and as the Sennheiser does the job of two pedals, I sadly let my SH go. 


Before that I had a Line 6 G30. My experience was not good. 

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