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Greetings from Merseyside!


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Been 'learning' the bass far too slowly for many years! Was taking lessons at a local music school, but had to rest that due to redudancy in 2018. Just before the C19 lock down they called me up wondering if I was up for joining one of their bands, and managed to get one practice session in before the lock down - I was re-hooked!


My gear is a stock Squire Jazz Bass, and a BC Rich Warlock Bronze that I gutted and rebuild with new electronics and Warman pickups. Like tinkering and aiming for a kit build for a 5 string H-H bass this new year. Amp wise just a Laney Combo practice amp and a Scarlett Solo USB interface with the computer.


Knuckling down now to fill in a few scale shaped holes in my knowledge!

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