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Matt finish Machine Heads


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Thanks.  If it's not a CS, the certificate, back plate, tool kit, strap, user manual etc have been well forged.  In any respect it plays the best of any of my basses.  I suspect from what you say, combined with the pictures on the web that the machine heads have been 'forced-aged' to a degree not commonly seen.


I might leave well alone and see what the look like after 10 years of my grubby fingers.  Thanks for the feedback.

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Yes, nothing surprising in that matt finish if your bass is a Custom Shop.

What is written on your 66 JB Fender CS certificate ?

Is it a Heavy Relic ? Relic ? Journeyman ?

I love these lollipops anyway. Matt or shiny. 🙂

For example, some CS 64 Fender Jazz Bass Relic have their reissue Kluson keys with a matt finish. To simulate oxydation over the years. 

Here the proof ! Oxydated 66 Custom Shop lollipops 😉🙂


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Thanks.  My certificate says it's a Journeyman.  I would say the finish is more uniformly matt than the examples in the vid.  I also have a CS 62 Journeyman with the older Machines that look as they should.  Maybe the machine head ager on the 66 got a bit enthusiastic with the acid bath!

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On 11/10/2021 at 16:26, Piers_Williamson said:

This has been annoying me for a bit.  My favourite CS Bass.....a second hand 66 transition Jazz, came with very matt lollypop machineheads.  Was this a thing, or is it just zealous ageing?  Because all of my other machines have a chrome finish.






They should have charged you extra.

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On 11/10/2021 at 19:54, Piers_Williamson said:

So did Fender do that sort of stuff?  That's the bit I haven't found any evidence of.  All the other lollypop machine-heads I've seen have been bright and shiny.  I've always assumed they were chrome finish.


Yes, this is my Flea bass:







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