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PA Setup in middle of long room - speaker phase/polarity


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Hi guys, quick question. Maybe this belongs in another forum, sorry if so!


I'm sort of the default audio technician at school, and that's fine. We've got a really nice d&b/Yamaha system in the main theatre and lots of portable Yamaha gear so it's fun to play about with the gear and make some noise if nothing else.


We've got two events coming up soon where I need to place a small stage and PA in the middle of quite a large rectangular room and I'm not sure how to go about it. I've attached a map of the atrium, it's quite a big space and both ends are four stories high, with a single story high in the thinner middle bit. The stage is red, and I need to cover the green area, not too bothered about going around the sides. I was thinking about a speaker on each side of the stage pointing outwards, on the floor like a stage monitor (for sight lines). My main question is: if I do this do I want to invert the polarity of one of the speakers? It kind of feels like I should if they were on stands, maybe not so much if they're on the floor pointing kind of upwards?


Secondary question is, if anyone has a better way of doing this then please let me know! Unfortunately the stage and the coverage area are immovable, that's just what we're stuck with. Material is a mix of spotify music and then live singing over either backing tracks or acoustic guitar, so not demanding at all and quite low volume. Mixer will be a Yamaha LS9 or TF1 and the speakers will be Yamaha DXR10. This is school stuff, not a major production on broadway. I'll settle for the best we can do given the requirements.



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I can't see why you'd want to inverse polarity. There are no phase issues in sending sound to left and right of the stage. Keep the volume as low as reasonable to reduce 'slap-back' echo from the end walls and that's about it. There's no issue, really. Enjoy the event.
Hope this helps. :friends:

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Good to hear thanks. I just couldn't shake the feeling that, as they would be in the middle facing outwards, they'd sort of be fighting each other if they both went 'out' and then 'in' at the same time and that going 'left and right' in sync together would be better. Obviously not!

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