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Not just any old Peavey T40

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Been hankering after a Peavey T40 bass for a few years.


Found this one on the Bay.  Not just any old Peavey T40 though.  This one is owned by a bona-fide celebrity and even comes with an 8x10 photo




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36 minutes ago, Hellzero said:

Does it justify the delirious asking price ?

Not really, no. I had a read and this dude was one of many bass players who played in the Pat Travers Band, and not even an original member (Travers seems to really go through bassplayers, which says something about the man).  Seems to have faded into even more obscurity afterwards. Travers plays with Jaco's nephew now, who probably is a bit better known.  I reckon there's plenty of Basschatters who have had a gig with a famous or semi famous artist, doesn't make their bass more valuable.

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So it's an 1980 T-40- picked by a guy who frequents "yard sales".

There's no question Gunter plays bass  but did he actually play this one ?


I'd say it's unlikely since the bridge is not set for intonation.


Is it worth near $1500 ? Not a chance , not in a country where most folks pay no more than $600 for a T-40. Earlier this year I ran a poll in response to one fella claiming $1000 was the bottom line for T-40 shopping , this fella didn't actually own a 40 himself 🤣 Anyway two owned up to spending $1000. 1 fella I knew from years past , collects 0000 sales rep's Peaveys . The other had a personal connection to his $1000 T-40. The rest were in the $300 to $600 bracket.

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2 hours ago, bassbloke said:

Weighing up if I can make back $699 on the signed 8x10 photo.

Doubtful ; wonder what the 8x10 photo with his $9.9k 1973 Fender Jazz is worth.


It's another "Celebrity Owned and Used by Gunter." .Oddest thing ; in his YT video on buying the 73 for $200 he hasn't a clue if he's played it or not.

Enough to make you think he's a huckster 🤣


2 hours ago, bassbloke said:

So you reckon around $800 is a fair price? 

No, it's overpriced even at that. Couple of weeks back Martyn (bagsieblue) sold his on here for £520. Tail end of last week I was part of a German T-40  discussion , the local lads reckoned 600€ was a fair price for good condition inc the case.


1 hour ago, Hellzero said:

So you'll spare some money for a physiotherapist or an osteopath. 😉

Might not be too heavy though 1980 is a bit early for a poplar body hiding under the solid finish. By 83 most were around 10 - 10.5 lbs , solid colours were poplar and the natural ash was actually hackberry.

Benefits of hackberry are it looks like ash , is lighter than ash, easier to work than ash , cheaper than ash and was felled locally.

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15 hours ago, kodiakblair said:

I know who the seller is , which bit of "picked up by a guy who frequents yard sales" caused confusion ?

I assumed you hadn't clocked the seller's name - happens surprisingly often. I'd assume since the 'celebrity' owner is also the seller, he'd probably have actually played it, if only to make sure the pickups were working.


In my defence I haven't watched any of those 'Americans scrapping over storage units full of old clothes & severed heads' shows in about 10 years & as a consequence I have no idea who Gunter The Celebrity is!

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Hilarious, all this "owned by somebody famous" tripe. It's a mass produced instrument and it's worth the same as any other of the same make/model. Unless the thought of a celeb's skin flakes, bogies and dried on sweat floats your boat, of course...

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I'm lucky , haven't owned a TV in 20 years so I've never watched any of those shows.


Gunter will have checked the pickups , though the "Owned/Used" then a list of names from the dark and dim past is complete sales bollocks.

Course he's not claiming he played this actual bass with any of them , just laying out a line for some fool hoping to buy into supposed mojo.

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On 20/09/2021 at 10:26, kodiakblair said:

Tail end of last week I was part of a German T-40  discussion , the local lads reckoned....

Multi lingual Peavey discussions... Kudos 👊

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