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Dark Materials Gathering


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Over recent days it seems a cluster of what can only be described as 'Dark Materials' has been forming...


Initial analysis shows the majority are of 'Metal' construction and emenate from the Far-East... While other, more complicatedly formed items of particular interest involve 'Wire' and possibly 'Magnets' and are belived to be of UK origin... Possibly as far as Hastings!.. What are these for?.. and should i be unduly concerned?

I'll report further if the situation changes.

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On 17/09/2021 at 18:44, PaulThePlug said:

Big Hands?.. Lost Me...

Is that about the Film or Series?

Rumour has it that a certain person, who may or may not have offered instruments for sale with logos written in Sharpie on the peghead and wonky tuning keys, has been known to suggest that his creations may be suitable for those with "big hands" (more space between the tuning keys, etc). 

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Thankyou... No, Normal hands...

The headstock will remain as is, i will not be shapeing it to resemble a spoon or some such, and the machine heads will be aligned as perfectly as my steel rule and i can muster, rather than dropped from 18" and screwed on however they land!


Spent some time masking along the frets with some thin tape, and applied a decal, ready for a couple of coats of spray laquer for the fretboard and headstock face tommorow...


Or... I might go for the unique Matt Black Hammerite Fretboard, 'Good for Metal!' look a certain ebay luthier has recomended to me.. 😉

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Bit bored today.... Headstock looked a bit plain, so i added some Squigly writing, then sprayed a load of lacquer on the fretboard and headstock, then some Mr Sheen... After lunch I brushed some Danish oil that i found in the shed all over the back of the neck then rubbed on some furniture wax stuff i found in the cupboard under the sink.



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