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Cab softcover - which one?

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I thought I’d look at getting a softcover for my new Ashdown RM210 evo2 cab and have looked online at the Roqsolid and Hotcovers options which are approx the same cost (hotcovers has better padding) and both have recommendations and their fans.


The hotcovers one looks sturdier, but I read a comment in an old thread that they don’t really fold up when off the cab which makes them difficult to store at a gig.


What are people’s experience of the two manufacturers covers on small-ish cabs?

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I always get Roqsolid. I’ve had Hotcovers ones before and agree that the padding is better but as per the comment, they don’t fold up too well so you have to find space to store your cab-sized cover. Which can be a bit of a pain in pub venues with no dedicated storage areas.

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I've got a couple arriving from Roqsolid tomorrow!

Same as above really, they are scuff and splash proof, and fold really nicely for stashing away at pokey gigs.

The Hotcovers ones (or similar ones which I've come across) are really good, but hold much more of their shape when empty.

I actually find the Roqsolid covers can be used as a wedge to tilt a cab up slightly in certain situations.

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Never been impressed with Roqsolid unless all you need is a bit of dust and light rain protection, you can definitely do better for your money. I've always gone for either the manufacturers padded covers or a custom made one from a local company near me. 


If you're using a van or transporting a fair bit of gear in a people carrier etc then I would 100% go for a more substantial cover, if you just travel to gigs with your cab in the boot or back seat of the car then the Roqsolid one might be more suitable. 

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