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Old Beginner Video

Andy Morgan

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Here's a thing. I partly learned by watching a VCR (yeah I'm old) in about 1991. It had real basic stuff, playing position, fingers, how to... all sorts. Demo'd a few scales, basic lines. He was really careful and clear with his teaching - almost too simple in some ways, but it was for beginners not just bass playing but music in general.


Then at the end the teacher/player, black fella, did the most amazing bass solo including slow intro, funky finger lines, decent slap, chords & everything. It was 'wow' for me!


Problem is, I lost the video & can't remember anything: bloke's name, video title, nothing... except... I remember his basses!

For the lessons, he played a red (Yamaha?) 4-string.

For the solo he played the most beautiful natural G&L L2000 (had a cracking sound).


Anyone got any ideas on this? I'd love to hear that solo again.

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2 minutes ago, ped said:

Hi mate was it this one? I came across it recently as a recent new owner of an L2000



Wow that's a good find! Thank you!

Same bloke, same bass... different solo but very much 'in the style', right down to the bass-wobble at the end! 😁

Right, off to search for Henry Thomas videos...


That's such a fine bass sound, isn't it?

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