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Contactless POS for merch etc, what's everyone using?


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They all need a device of some description to run the POS software that drives them. If your venues have WiFi, even a cheap Android tablet will do you if having to use your phone is a big issue. If not, you could always get a cheap old phone and a GiffGaff SIM that just lives in your merch kit. 


I use Zettle for touring merch sales with a few artists I work with. The app is easy to use, quick to get a new merch person up to speed on (we often get a local vendor organised by the promoter so I'll have to give them a crash course quickly before doors open and it's never an issue) and the reporting features are pretty in-depth.  You can log cash sales on the app too, so it leaves me with complete visibility of every item sold at every show whether it's card or cash, which is really helpful for accounting and for estimating sales based on historic data when I'm doing tour budgets. 


The only limitation is using it abroad, I don't know if it's changed but last time I looked in to it it didn't support multiple currencies. 

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9 hours ago, sprocketflup said:

As above really, looking for a contactless card reader/POS for selling merch that preferably doesn't tie my phone up for the evening like the iZettle does.


Any recommendations?


TIA , dave

I use sumup with my phone and have absolutely no complaints.


Sumup now have phone free devices which would seem to be up your street:


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